Tamara was to be our guest artist for July-August 2020. Due to the Corona Virus closure we have rescheduled Tamara for July-August 2021.

Please visit her website to enjoy her art!

Tamara is an emerging Impressionistic artist. She considers herself self taught, without formal education, just armed with 15 years of self discipline, a natural talent for mixing beautiful color palettes and an eye for the beauty of nature.
As a young girl she aspired to be a makeup artist, instead received her license for Cosmetology, 6 years later decided to put her artistic dreams on hold to start a family.
Tamara’s artwork specializes in dramatic, colorful, moody, seascapes.
She draws inspiration for her paintings from the California Coast and and fantasy places in her imagination.
Tamara’s artwork is sometimes highly textural, enhancing her signature waves with mixed media. Her color palettes vary with her mood or are inspired by colors of nature.
Her acrylic art pieces mimic that of oils, with layers of color to deepen and enhance each piece. Her skies are setting suns and evening skies taking you to oceans from her mind.

Check out Tamara’s work here: