Chris Brewer

Presidents Message – Sept.-Oct.

It’s certainly been an interesting summer at the Exeter Courthouse Gallery and Museum as we get back in operation after the reduced hours and staffing caused by Covid-19 shutdowns. 

Although we  complied with all the state mandates for disinfecting and masking, our visitorship has been significantly reduced. We hope to change this with the opening of a new show with Chuck Prudhomme and photographer/songwriter Jack Wesley Routh. 

Chuck is offering a class in plein air painting on September 11 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Gallery for a very limited number of students (15). If you are interested in  coming to the class, get your reservation in NOW by calling Laura Vanderstaay at (559) 799-5779. We already have a number of people signed up for the class, so do not delay!! 

The EUHS 1960s reunion is in September and I ask all of you to let those who graduated from high school in the 1960s know about our upcoming show and class, especially with Chuck Prudhomme having attended EUHS. If any of our members are available  to help out in getting cards to all the reunion attendees, please contact me ASAP. We would like to spread the word about this next show, which is essentially a reopening of the gallery. 

The board of directors is interested in finding additional members to augment the board. We would like to have members who have a background in writing and finance join us to complement the board. The time is at hand for some changes to the makeup of our membership and the board of directors, and we would like to invite interested members to join us on the third Tuesday of each month, usually at 5 p.m. at the Gallery.

We are going to be upgrading the video displays in the museum to accommodate YouTube and other streaming videos, and also to handle a greater volume of historic photos similar to those presently being displayed. 

We are also talking about having a Gallery event in November or early December, possibly a party with our docents, volunteers, and other members. We also want to invite the general public to come and see the Gallery and Museum. Hopefully, some of our service clubs will participate with us and make a really great event. We have started discussions with the Lions Club for an event in October or November.

If you haven’t paid your dues for 2021-2022 (which were due in May), please use the form on page 7 and help support the Gallery and Museum. It only costs $35 a year. 

For those of you who have not visited the Gallery and Museum for a while, please come and see how wonderful the place is. It is time to come back to the gallery!

Chris Brewer, President

Exeter Courthouse Gallery and

Museum Association

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