The Artists of Whimsy

The Artists of Whimsy Show comes down this Saturday, September 28th! Come in and find the piece you love!

Kathleen Mattox is a local artist from Sanger, California. Kathleen begins her work with watercolors or, more recently acrylics, then she goes on to incorporate other media. In addition to loving color, she is especially drawn to the elements of line and texture and very aware of the power of contrasting values in effective paintings. Her works are large, usually full sheet watercolors or large canvases, often conveying a message through the use of words and/or symbols. Wanting her works to be fun for herself and her viewers, she is not afraid to experiment and “play” as she explores new subjects, ideas, and processes. Her subject matter tends to be impressionistic, expressionistic, and/or abstract rather than realistic. She painted while in college at Fresno State in the 1960’s and has been part of many creative endeavors over the last 30+ years. Lucky enough to study with B.J. McCoon, Jean Ray Laury, Charles Chestnut, Robert Hurlitz, and Darwin Musselman at Fresno State, she took classes in watercolor, acrylic, oil, and fabric arts—and returned to watercolor in the year 2000, after not painting for over 30 years.  Kathleen’s works can currently be seen at her gallery, “Mixed Messages” ART at 1310 8thStreet in Sanger CA and at Circle Gallery in Madera. Kathleen is a charter member and signature member of the Alliance of California Artists. She has also been a member of the California Watercolor Society, Timberline Art Gallery in Oakhurst, The Art Stand Gallery in Minkler and isthe past president of the Sanger Downtown Business Association.Please visit Kathleen’s website ( Follow her on Facebook (

Laura Fraedrich is the crazy cat lady, only with dogs too. Laura is a ceramic and mixed media artist living in Fresno, California, where she resides with her menagerie of pets, which inspire much of her work. She loves making all different kinds of art; her favorites being art journaling, acrylic painting, printmaking, collage and ceramics. She currently teaches over 30 painting and mixed media workshops at Allard’s Art in Fresno and also works as a Creative Partner Consultant for Mayco Ceramics, representing their brand of ceramic bisque and glazes. Her art contains bright, vibrant, and unusual color combinations. She is attracted to these colors like a moth is attracted to a flame, and it is very apparent in her artwork. Deep purples, yellow greens, rich reds, and warm oranges are like candy to her eyes. Her work is often lighthearted, whimsical and humorous, and her goal is to put a smile on the face of anyone who views it. Laura is the founder of The Peculiar Palette, a blog and website about ceramics and mixed media art. She teaches workshops around the US and sells her artwork at art shows, in galleries and on Etsy ( Laura on Facebook at and Instagram @thepeculiarpalette. For a list of classes Laura is teaching at Allard’s Art visit

You may visit the gallery during gallery hours, Saturdays 10:00 am – 4:00 pm and Sundays 12-4. The Exeter Courthouse Gallery is located at 125 South “B” Street, Exeter. 

Remember to check our Facebook Group  for all current and up coming shows.

For more information please call (559) 592-5900 or email at

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